Author: Penny Jones

As the Jurassic Coast Collection Development Officer, Chris Reedman knows a thing or two about fossils. An expert in Jurassic ecology with a personal affinity for ammonites, it’s only natural he has chosen our new range of ammonite pin badges as staff Christmas pick.

“Ammonites were the first fossils I found on the Jurassic Coast. They are one of the most diverse fossil groups of the Jurassic period and they can be used to accurately date and correlate different geological sequences globally. Ammonites are useful dating tools because they evolve incredibly quickly over geological time.

This incredible diversity in size, shape and ornamentation means you can never tire of finding these enigmatic fossils – the Jurassic Coast is a fantastic place to find these fossils and if you keep your eyes peeled, you might find one on your next visit!”

I love the fact that our new ammonite badges link to important geological sites along the Coast and encourage people to explore new places.”The badges come in Durdle Door turquoise, Old Harry white, Budleigh red,  Coastal green and East Cliff yellow.

Visit our shop for more gift ideas. All proceeds support the work of the Trust in protecting and promoting the World Heritage Site.


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