Author: Penny Jones

Every day during the first 12 days of December, Jurassic Coast staff will share their favourite Christmas gift ideas from our online shop.

From books and maps to Pterosaur kites to surfing dinosaur T-shirts, our shop has a gift for every Jurassic Coast fan. Proceeds from all items sold help the Trust in its work to protect, conserve and educate people about the Jurassic Coast.

Today, resident geologist Sam Scriven picks Geology of the Jurassic Coast: The Red Coast Revealed (and not his own book Fossils of the Jurassic Coast).

“Hidden along the rugged coast of East Devon is the story of a desert lost in time, its last remnants captured in red, Triassic-aged geology.

This book journeys along the coast to highlight how the rocks reveal this tremendous story. It presents the scientific evidence used to reconstruct past environments and the changes that took place during the Triassic period and beyond. What I really appreciate, is how it draws out the connections between geology and human history. Not only does it offer insight into East Devon’s prehistoric past but also the ways in which humans have used rocks in the area and also been influenced by them in turn.

It is a well-thumbed reference book on my shelf in the office and a welcome companion when I go out on the East Devon coast to explore. I would recommend it to anyone as a great place to start on some more in-depth information about this part of the World Heritage Site.”

Red Coast Revealed is a Jurassic Coast Trust publication and was revised and reprinted this year (2019).


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