Author: Guy Kerr

The Jurassic Coast Trust are excited to launch an additional Instagram account, dedicated to communicating the earth science stories of the Jurassic Coast.

This new account will work alongside the Trust’s official Instagram account, (which will continue to function as before) and the Jurassic Coast Collection Instagram account dedicated to that particular area of work.

Jurassic Coast Science screengrab


Exciting content that will be posted in the coming weeks include geological stories from the World Heritage Site and fossil features. An exciting new feature – #rockcakes – will appear on IGTV to kick start the content next week. This will feature geological-themed cakes and bakes, to coincide with the start of the latest season of the Great British Bake Off.

The Trust’s Digital Content Creator Lauren Sewell says of the new initiative:

“The Trust is keen to ensure our audiences are following content that is right for them and fits their interests.

@jurassiccoastofficial features beautiful landscape images, content and videos aimed at people visiting the coast, whilst @jurassiccoastscience will focus on the incredible Earth Science stories from across our Site’s 95 miles and 185 million years of history. Follow us for official Earth Science content from the Jurassic Coast Trust.”

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