Author: Nathan Akrill

Jurassic Coast - showcased as best practiceThe Jurassic Coast has recently featured in two international publications covering best practice in visitor management in protected landscapes. The World Travel and Tourism Council website has a new Best Practice Gateway and requested the Jurassic Coast to be one of the high profile case studies featured.

The World Heritage Site also features in a newly published book called Geotourism, the Tourism of Geology and the Landscape (Newsome and Rowling, 2010). The Jurassic Coast chapter is called ‘Understanding the nature of geotourism’ and covers issues of visitor management, education and culture within the context of conservation. The Jurassic Coast is the only UK best practise example featured in the book and sits alongside other case studies and research areas from all corners of the globe. For more information, visit

Sally King, World Heritage Site Visitor Manager.

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