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Hi – I’m Seth from the Jurassic Skyline team. Rising 174ft up and with 360 degree views, there is nowhere better to look back over 185 million years of history. We’re also proud to be a Business Partner of the Jurassic Coast Trust, helping to look after our beautiful coastline.

The Jurassic Skyline tower is the tallest structure on the Jurassic Coast

The Jurassic Skyline tower is the tallest structure on the Jurassic Coast

Jurassic Skyline lies at the heart of the historic Weymouth seafront. To get here, join the A354 from Dorchester, where you’ll get those first glimpses of the sea over the brow of the hill. The waters here are excellent and the area was chosen to host the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Sailing.

Once in Weymouth, follow the brown road signs to Quay, Old Harbour North. Weymouth’s golden sands will be on your left side as you come along the Esplanade, with the Georgian seafront on the right.

Weymouth became a popular destination in the late 18th Century following King George III’s decision to holiday here – look out for a statue of ‘The Mad King’ along the Esplanade! A key figure in the town’s history, you’ll learn more about his influence from the audio commentary that accompanies your flight.

As the beach ends, the road turns onto Festival Pier and our destination. Rising high into the air the white tower and blue gondola cut a striking silhouette against a background of sea and distance cliff face. Once you’ve parked, head to the left hand queue line if you have priority booking, or right for standard ticket bookings. Jurassic Skyline opens at 11am, with flights every fifteen minutes until 6pm, so there is never long to wait! We can accommodate one wheelchair per flight and the team are always on hand if you need any assistance.

Once your flight comes around, you’ll enter the photo area where a member of the team will snap you against a green backdrop – more on that in a little bit. You’ll then enter the boarding queue, where a friendly operator will direct you to your seat in the gondola, looking out through floor to ceiling windows.

The gondola will rise smoothly until it has reached a height of 174ft (53m), when it will begin to rotate and the audio commentary will commence. The commentary is full of interesting facts about Weymouth’s history.

You’ll have plenty of time to take in the spectacular views – over 26km of coastline, from Durdle Door to the East and Portland & The Fleet to the West, absolutely breath-taking! Once the gondola has completed two rotations it will begin its descent back to ground when it will be time to alight.

Remember your picture that was taken before you boarded? Well now it is time to see the results. The photo team have been hard at work and will have now added a choice of backgrounds to your photo, which can be purchased as an ideal memory of your flight.

Offering an unparalleled view across millions of year of time, Jurassic Skyline is the perfect way to discover Dorset from above.

Find out more about visiting Jurassic Skyline.

Seth’s Top tips

  • For more information about the views I recommend the Jurassic Skyline Mini Guide available from the Box Office. A pull out and keep guide that points out key landmarks that can be seen during your flight, and 10% of each sale goes to the Jurassic Coast Trust.
  • The queuing area is outside so remember to dress appropriately for the weather.
  • Add more to your day with a Multi Attraction ticket. Available on-line or in person, these tickets allow you to upgrade your Jurassic Skyline ticket to also include a visit to Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park.
  • Jurassic Skyline are offering a special “A Winter’s View” series between 19th December and 3rd January, featuring an optional minced pie and mulled cider. Go here for more info and to book.

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