Author: Nathan Akrill

Social networking

As one of the first World Heritage Sites in the UK to use Twitter as a tool for raising awareness, the experiment is proving successful, and quite fun.  Inspired by Ben Dames, the National Trust’s West Dorset Roving Reporter – you may have seen him in his Jurassic Coastin’ campervan – we use twitter to build a following (we now have 1100+ followers), let people know news about the Jurassic Coast, and what events are being held by the partnership.  It is also proving to be a great way of building up a new audience of people interested in the World Heritage Site and the area, and getting or testing out new ideas.

Our Facebook page is less intensively used – the team don’t have the resources to do it justice – however, over the coming year we hope to increasingly use it to post photos, details of events, and other fun stuff.  There is a non-official Jurassic Coast Facebook page, so please check that it is the official one you are looking at.

How you can get involved:

If you use twitter, follow us on

If you are on facebook, you can ‘Like’ us at

Please also feel free to follow our mate Ben from the National Trust at @jurassiccoastin

Sam Rose, Team Leader

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