Author: Nathan Akrill

The official Jurassic Coast website remained a firm favorite with its global audience during 2009 – clocking up an astonishing 11.3 million hits. Just to track the statistics since going live, in 2007 a total 385,277 visits (daily average 1055) increased to 416,644 visits in 2008 (daily average (1141). 2009 has now exceeded both these previous years with 486,205 total visits – that is a daily average of 1336.

Jurassic Coast website

The highest number of visits were in August and October, being 52,273 and 55,507 respectively, these statistics reflect a busy summer (August) and the revelation of the discovered pliosaur marine reptile fossil (October).

New developments to the website include Geo Highlights, a Google map based function that offers interpretation at geological viewpoints along the Jurassic Coast, and the introduction of a new section to the online gallery, being the Fossil Gallery.

Already being progressed for 2010 is a further Google map based section featuring Visitor Centres, the introduction of Gigapan functionality allowing web-users to view and zoom in on close-up detail in panoramic photo images, and also some really fun and engaging, interactive games for our younger audience.

All in all, looks set to continue to enjoy its number one ranking, as it carries on successfully inspiring and informing a world-wide audience.

Julia Pulman, Jurassic Coast Marketing & Communications Officer

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