Author: Nathan Akrill

The annual symposium of vertebrate palaeontology and comparative anatomy came to Lyme Regis in mid September.

The town was chosen in this year because this is the bicentenary of the discovery by Mary and Joseph Anning of the first ever fossil ichthyosaur skull to come to the attention of science.

118 experts from 18 different countries enjoyed their conference and all that the town had to offer. A series of public lectures were also held in the evening, covering everything from extinction to the Charmouth dinosaur, the Weymouth Bay Pliosaur and flying reptiles. Indeed, the conference decamped to the Dorset County Museum for an afternoon and evening reception, drawn there by the huge pliosaur skull now on display there.

Lyme Regis Museum also hosted a reception and talked about their plans to expand in order to provide more space for the fossils that make this place so famous.

Richard Edmonds, Earth Science Manager.

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