Author: Nathan Akrill

The BBC Natural History Unit hosted the launch of the new BBC 4 / Open University series Fossil Detectives at the Bristol Festival of Nature on 7-8 June 2008.

Fossil detective

I was there to celebrate alongside the BBC, not only as a representative from the Jurassic Coast Team, but also as a regular contributor on the series.

Fossil Detectives is a new series that travels across the country in search of amazing stories about our geological and archaeological past. Hermione Cockburn, the presenter for the new series, was on hand at the Festival of Nature to introduce screenings for the series and meet potential new viewers.

The Jurassic Coast Fossil Dig was a perfect companion for the launch of the new series as festival goers could have a go at fossil hunting themselves and also learn all about where to do it for real on the Jurassic Coast.

The new series will air on BBC 4 starting August 21st at 7.30pm. The Jurassic Coast will appear on the programme focusing on the South West

Anjana Khatwa, Education Coordinator.

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