Author: Lucy Culkin

For the last 3 nights, the BBC4 programme ‘Beach Live- The Jurassic Coast Revealed‘  has brought a glimpse of the hidden treasures and diversity of our Coastline into the nations homes.

With its rocks and fossils, it uncovers detailed stories from Earth’s ancient past. The layers of sedimentary rock along the Jurassic Coast can be read like an adventure story book. They reveal the history of Earth across 185 million years and form a near complete record of the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.

The Jurassic Coast is an exciting place, a place of discovery and crucially, a site of international importance; designated as England’s first natural World Heritage Site in 2001…But what does it mean to you?

Rich in diversity, we know the coast means many things to many people; from a place to go to be with family, explore rock pools, walk the coastal path, play in the surf and build sandcastles on the beaches to studying the most fascinating geology, getting involved in community heritage and preserving special places for generations to come, it really does offer inclusivity for all.

Jurassic Coast Trust Membership

The Jurassic Coast Trust are guardians of this outstanding World Heritage Site. We are passionate about conserving and protecting our coast, to ensure what you enjoy today is what your children and grandchildren will enjoy in years to come.

By Joining our membership scheme today,  you will become part of protecting something which has Outstanding Universal Value; in return we promise to inspire you to explore, have unforgettable adventures, deepen your knowledge and sustain the World Heritage Site for generations to come.

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