Author: Nathan Akrill

We’re very excited to have re-launched the official Jurassic Coast website, which really brings alive all the amazing things about this very special coastline.

As well as keeping it clear from the start (top of the homepage), what the Jurassic Coast is, why it is unique and what World Heritage status means, we’ve clearly illustrated on a 3D effect map just how and where the 3 rock types that make up the Site appear along the Dorset and East Devon coast.

Stunning images of the Jurassic Coast taken by Ben Osborne have been featured to entice the user to further explore the 3 key sections we would like people to visit namely; Find Out About, Visiting the Coast and Conserving the Coast.

Find Out About tells the whole geological story using animation, film and images, making the subject really come alive.

Visitng the Coast uses Googlemaps to best effect and Conserving the Coast, again uses lots of images to clearly illustrate and explain what is involved in the protection and monitoring of the Site.

There is a new events calender which will help everyone see what is going on much more easiliy and upcoming events, together with latest news items are accessible from a ‘scrollable’ feature module throughout the website, ensuring optimum coverage.

It has also been made easier to get involved, whether its becoming a Friend, making a donation or buying a Jurassic Coast publication, with links to donate and shop on every page of the website.

We would love to get your feedback on the new website – just fill in the feedback form and let us know what you think.

Julia Pulman Jurassic Coast Marketing and Communications Officer.

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