Author: Guy Kerr

At a time when everyone is thinking about the environment, the Heights Hotel on Portland has made a commitment to help the planet that little bit more. This year, the hotel will donate money saved on laundry costs to the Jurassic Coast Trust to help protect and conserve England’s only natural World Heritage Site.

Speaking about the pledge, Operations Director Angie Mustill said; “Water is a valuable, finite resource. Every day all over the world, millions of gallons of water and detergent are used to wash towels in hotels. Quite often, these towels have only been used once. Many hotels offer a service where guests can play their part in helping the environment by re-using their towels; whilst this guest assistance is nothing new to us, we have decided to go one step further…”

The Heights Hotel

The Heights Hotel. Photo by Mike O’Mara.

“As per our pledge last year, a percentage of all savings made from guest laundry costs will be donated to the Jurassic Coast Trust. This is because the work they do is imperative in ensuring that the beautiful area in which we live is protected and able to be enjoyed for many years to come. Well, we’ve achieved our aim. We’ve saved enough money to donate £500 from 2019’s water, electricity and detergent savings.”

“We hope that other hotels in the country may also wish to consider a similar scheme for their area. That said, if no such scheme should exist for them, our beautiful Jurassic Coast would definitely be a great start”, concluded Angie.

Guy Kerr from the Jurassic Coast Trust added, “We are delighted with Portland Heights’ new initiative, which will help to reduce their energy use, and to raise much needed funds to look after the Jurassic Coast. We are proud to have them as one of our brilliant Business Partners – they are providing a great example to other local businesses about how they can help look after our much-loved coastline.”

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