Author: Caroline Pearce

A Programme Manager – Supporter Development is needed for the Jurassic Coast Trust

The Jurassic Coast Trust is crafting a new organisation in response to the amazing opportunity that we will have in July 2017, when we take over formal management of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site from Dorset and Devon County Councils.

We take that responsibility very seriously. As such we are working hard to create an organisation that can really deliver on the management of the Site, on achieving our own vision as a charity, and on the very real need to grow our income and build a sustainable financial future for the Trust, and for the World Heritage Site itself.

It therefore should be no surprise that we are looking to recruit a Supporter Development expert.  A fundraiser, a planner, a lover of data and a powerful interpreter of insights, a skilful communicator and a talented marketer.  Someone who can help us hit those challenging income targets and grow our supporter numbers in a meaningful way.

Moreover, we are looking to integrate that expertise into the central operations of our organisation, so while we are looking for an expert, we are also looking for a generalist, hence the job title Programme Manager.   We want someone who can take an objective and run with it, develop and manage projects, work collaboratively, deliver outcomes and evaluate progress with insight.

For a full description of the role and how to apply, please go to

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