Author: Penny Jones

In the lead up to Run Jurassic, we are featuring a series of interviews from some of our amazing Jurassic Coast Trust fundraisers.  These people are running the various Run Jurassic races in order to help the Jurassic Coast Trust in our mission to protect and promote our incredible World Heritage Site.

We hope you will feel inspired by our runners’ stories – either to donate to their JustGiving page, or to take part yourself in a race to remember.

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Run Jurassic is a family affair for Virginie Morris. She is running the 10k whilst her son is Jolan is taking part in the children’s race. 

1. What motivated you to take part in Run Jurassic?

Several things played a part: my love of running, hills and being outdoors, my love of our amazing coastline where I’m lucky enough to live, and the fact that there were lots of different race options and a children’s race as well. It’s just a great day out for the whole family in a fantastic setting!

2. Describe your relationship to the Jurassic Coast.

I was born and raised in a bustling fishing town in the south of France and being “on the coast” and near (and in!) the sea is second nature to me. I’ve been living in Dorchester for almost 20 years now and I am still amazed by the beauty of the coastline. I love walking up and down those hills. Every single time it’s such a great experience for the body and mind and you just never get tired of the incredible views.

3. What do you think will be the greatest challenge of the race?

Being able to run the whole course without stopping, although I love going up hills I often struggle to run to the top.

4. What kind of training are you doing?

I always walk at a brisk pace which keeps my heart rate up. I’m trying to go for runs whenever I can, which is not an easy thing with 2 small children and a very busy husband. I try and going running to Maiden Castle, one of my favourite places in Dorset, lovely hills and great views!

5. What’s your favourite spot on the Jurassic Coast?

Without hesitation, Durdle Door. I’ve been up there so many times I’ve lost count, but every time, its dramatic beauty is always breathtaking. I have particularly loved going up there with both my children who’ve enjoyed the climb to the top and the reward by having a picnic on the pebbles looking at Durdle Door!

Visit Virginie’s JustGiving page to donate.

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