Author: Guy Kerr

Are you an innovative digital agency who enjoy working with social businesses? Can you help us with the next stage of our digital development?

The Jurassic Coast Trust is seeking a digital partner to help us realise our ambitions of separating the functionality of our existing website into two digital spaces, which differentiate the work of the Jurassic Coast Trust (charity) and the new Jurassic Coast Trust Trading Ltd.

This work will commence in January 2022, with first stage deliverables to be ‘live’ in April 2022. The key deliverables of this project are:

  1. A commercial visitor-oriented site; in Stage 1 this will be a directory for accommodation and attractions, and a trading platform with functionality for income generation. In Stage 2, the site will host an integrated booking system for accommodation and attractions, retail sales functionality, and built-in CRM.
  2. A heritage-oriented site focused on learning and engagement, including a CMS with a public interface for exhibiting fossils by way of a dispersed online museum. This site is based on enhancing the functionality of our existing website, including developing the site’s look, feel and visual identity.


The creation of the new website showcases and focuses on the offer of our trading subsidiary. This is a new and exciting development for the Jurassic Coast Trust and will realise a long-term aspiration for creation of holistic, user-focused experiences across both websites that will simultaneously maximise income, deliver value for our Business Partners and fulfil our charitable objectives.

We plan to develop and roll out the deliverables of our charitable and trading subsidiary websites over a 2-3 year period and therefore are looking for a digital partner who will work alongside us, suggesting and recommending options for the most efficient way to achieve our strategic plans, whilst recognising the constraints and ambitions of a not-for-profit organisation and the impact our work needs to make.

The enhancement of our existing website is with the intention to raise the profile of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site and audience reach of the work of the Jurassic Coast Trust, in its role as protector and conserver of the Site to existing, new, global and diverse audiences.

Tender Process

The Jurassic Coast Trust is pleased to invite Website Developers and Digital Transformation Consultants to tender for the digital development work outlined above.

The tender was released on 15th November 2021 and will close at midday on Friday 3rd December 2021.

Interviews will be held via Zoom on 13-14 December 2021.

Organisations who wish to provide an expression of interest should email Guy Kerr at the Jurassic Coast Trust and complete and return the relevant documents, which can be downloaded below:

Tender for Jurassic Coast Website Development

Tender Submission Form

All questions to be emailed to Guy Kerr by Monday 29th November 2021.

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