Author: Katie Burden

We have LOTS of enquiries about work experience with our team. It’s not what you imagine (ie. wind blowing through our hair whilst we find the fossils of a lifetime…well maybe it is for Richard Edmonds who does spend a lot of his time checking that the rocks are ok). In fact for most of the time, we all sit in an office where we are hosted at Dorset County Council answering emails and writing reports and strategies for how the Jurassic Coast should be managed.  But every now again some young people feel like it might be interesting to step into our shoes for a week.  So, about two weeks ago we had two work experience students (Emily and Ellen) come in and we asked them to create a video telling a general audience about the “Walk Through Time”, ie. the geological story of the Jurassic Coast. The results were impressive and you can see their “Jurassic Coast does Play Dough” film on our Youtube channel.  Enjoy and please comment if you like it :-)


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