Author: Nathan Akrill

The official Jurassic Coast website has now been operating for a full year – so it’s a good time to reflect on what has worked, what hasn’t and how the website performance might be improved in 2008.

Jurassic Coast website homepage

One thing is for sure – visitor numbers have been consistently high with the total number of unique visits at 385,277 which works out at a daily average of 1055. This is good news as this means we are reaching a much wider audience than ever before.

Feedback regarding the site has congratulated us on many things including good design, inspiring images and user-friendly navigation, as well as suggesting how the site could be further improved – more images of fossils, making the kids’ Zone more exciting and better translated resources.

We are now planning to add a new fossil section to the current image gallery – and generally review all the images in the gallery too; we are also planning to include interactive games on the Kids’ Zone; and we have identified the need for further improving translated resources generally for overseas visitors – being one of our Tourism Priorities over the next few years – so this should see web-based resources being improved too.

Julia Pulman , Jurassic Coast Marketing Officer,

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