Author: Nathan Akrill

Since it’s redevelopment, website has been a big hit – in fact during January it recorded 764,507 hits – and visitor figures for July have even exceeded those reached during the launch month.

With a total of 35,298 visits for the month of January (that’s an average of 1,138 unique daily visits to the site) it was apparent that the site was reaching a much wider audience than ever before. Six months on and the visitor numbers in July have increased to a total of 40,917, that is an average of 1,319 unique daily visits to the site.

Feedback from users (via the online feedback form) has been very encouraging. Here are a few quotes:

‘Interesting geological and visitor information. I will continue to revisit the website to get further information and gain more knowledge about the areas before visiting them’

‘It is a very visually attractive website – modern, clean and uncluttered’

‘It is not over the top and it is very well set out.’

Other aspects of the site that have been praised include the clear, easy to read text, the ease of navigation around the site and the inclusion of coastal images.

Let us know what you think about the website via the online.


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