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The Seaton Jurassic centre aims to engage thousands of people every year with the unique marine, coastal and geological heritage of the East Devon coast and to attract a range of new visitors to the town of Seaton. The Centre is operated by Devon Wildlife Services, a trading subsidiary of the wildlife charity, Devon Wildlife Trust. We are seeking a volunteer to help with guiding visitors through the exhibition and interpretation roles.


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The story Seaton Jurassic tells is one of immense change and discovery over 200 million years; telling it well cannot rely solely on inanimate interpretation - no matter how imaginative and interactive. We need real people to breathe life into the story of local life and landscape in its past, present and future. You will be part of a team which ensures the exhibit is exciting and informative. Through this experience your audiences will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of their natural environment, no matter who they are nor how they learn. Because of this they will be more likely to take positive action to conserve their natural environment and to support Devon Wildlife Trust.
You don't need experience as training will be given - you just need to give it a go!

Tasks involve:
* Guiding visitors to the route through the exhibit
* Providing a presence in the Interpretation Zones to help protect the displays and equipment and explaining how the exhibits work
* Engaging and enthusing with children and families encouraging them to take an interest in their natural heritage. Offering encouragement whilst demonstrating sensitivity to needs, moods and learning styles of visitors - some may not appreciate too much interaction!

You will need to be friendly, welcoming and enjoy talking to people. We would like you to develop a good knowledge of local heritage and what Seaton Jurassic has to offer. We are also looking for you to be proactive and versatile as you may need to swap roles at busy times.