Amadeus and the Sea Dragon


Amadeus ammonite is learning to swim in Jurassic seas full of strange creatures, not all of which are friendly.

When a tremor in the sea bed starts a sea storm Amadeus is swept away to an unknown and uncertain future.

Will he see his family again? How will he get back home? Or will he be eaten by a sea dragon?

Amadeus and the Sea Dragon is a beautifully illustrated children’s story that brings the Jurassic Coast’s most famous fossil to life.

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Amadeus and the Sea Dragon is a fully illustrated children’s story following the adventures of Amadeus Ammonite as he grows up in the Jurassic seas 180 million years ago. The characters in the book are all based on the Jurassic creatures who formed the fossils that we find on the Jurassic Coast today.

A fun, educational story for children aged 6-9 and the perfect bedtime read.

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