Folk Tales of Rock and Stone by Jenny Moon


Local author and Jurassic Coast Trust Ambassador Jenny Moon tells local and international stories that centre on rock and stone. A beautiful illustrated hardback the size of a paperback.

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From caverns deep underground to sky-high mountains, the rocks and stones all around us are ancient. Greedy oni lurk in a cave in Japan; a stonecutter becomes a mountain; and a story of romance, revenge and tragedy plays out on the face of a plate. Revealing hidden fossils, gemstones, folklore and secrets, storyteller Jenny Moon’s tales are interwoven with interesting facts and geological observations that will catch the imagination of readers young and old, making this more than just a book of stories.

Jenny Moon tells hundreds of tales a year to children and adults, and has studied why stories are so important to humans. An aim of this entertaining book is to share her fascination with rock and stone, whether in physical form, history, or folk wisdom and lore.

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