Background to the Jurassic Coast becoming a World Heritage Site (book)




Nomination Document of the Dorset and East Devon Coast (book)

This is an invaluable document for academics, earth scientists, geology and geomorphology students and anyone interested in the detailed history and explanation of why the Jurassic Coast was recognised as a World Heritage Site.

The nomination document successfully proposed that the Dorset and East Devon coast was recognised as a World Heritage Site. The 150 pages outline the remarkable international importance of the coastline for Earth Sciences, outlining the superb fossil localities, the array of classic landforms, the immense historical value to the study of the Earth and the continued importance for science and teaching.

The document was prepared by Devon County Council and Dorset County Council supported by the Dorset Coast Forum with the assistance and advice of the British Geological Survey, English Nature, the Countryside Agency and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee.

The book details the following:

  • Location of the site
  • The justification for World Heritage inscription
  • Detailed descriptions of the geology and fossil (vertebrate, invertebrate and plant) sites
  • Exploration of the historical contribution to Earth Science investigations over 300 years and contemporary research
  • Comparative analysis of geology and geomorphology, integrity and criteria under which the inscription was proposed
  • Site description, history of development, conservation and various related policies
  • Management of the Site, including ownership, land management, finance, visitor facilities and property
  • Factors affecting the Site including development and environmental pressures, tourism and inhabitants
  • Monitoring of Site
  • Relevant documentation, records and archives
  • Glossary of Earth Science terms and place names


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