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The kite measures 140cm across the wing tips and is 76cm in length. It’s made of tough nylon spinnaker with fibreglass struts. It comes complete with detachable wing tails and flying line, its own see-through bag and clear instructions .

The kite is suitable for wind speeds 6-25mph and unsupervised use by children 12 years and over. The kite is a UK Registered Design, has EU Community Design Registration and USA copyright.



The Pterodactyl kite is supplied by Jurassic Kites Ltd, a small company based in Dorset. Jurassic Kites is run by Sibyl King and Martin Cooke who have helped develop projects and support new initiatives along the Jurassic Coast since the designation of the Dorset and East Devon Coast as England’s first Natural World Heritage Site in 2001. The kite was developed by Sibyl who wanted ‘to see pterodactyls fly again on the Jurassic Coast’.

To see the kite is action see: Pterodactyl Kite flying in action




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