Do you love the Jurassic Coast? Do you have some time to speak about it to people in your community? Do you have a particular talent that you’d like to put to more use?

If the answer to these questions is yes, you could be our next Jurassic Coast Ambassador.

Our Ambassadors are a diverse group of people who give their time voluntarily to further the cause of the Jurassic Coast. Our group includes teachers, business owners, graphic designers, walks leaders, photographers and students.

Our Ambassadors deliver a variety of projects and activities with the support of the Jurassic Coast Trust, including leading guided walks, speaking to community groups, and providing content for our website.

One of our Ambassadors’ key roles is awareness-raising – telling people in their local community about the World Heritage Site and what makes it globally unique.


If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please contact us.


Here are some examples of what our Ambassadors do:

Ruby Lee is a Jurassic Coast Ambassador from Purbeck.

Ruby is a professional geologist and has assisted at several Jurassic Coast Trust events, passing on her expertise to attendees.

Ruby is pictured here with her baby son Harris, assisting at the ultra marathon starting point of Run Jurassic 2019 at Durdle Door.

Ruby and Harris at Durdle Door
Jurassic Coast Ambassador Ruby Lee with baby Harris, marshalling the start of the Ultra Marathon at Durdle Door.

Mike Green is one of the Trust’s original Ambassadors, from Beer in East Devon.

Mike designed and produced a set of four blocks that represent the coast’s different geological eras, and has produced a multitude of other wooden creations to help engage people of all ages with the Jurassic Coast’s incredibly stories.

Jurassic Coast Ambassador Mike Green with
Jurassic Coast Ambassador Mike Green (right) with 'Mike's Blocks', demonstrating the tilt which created the Jurassic Coast's distinctive rock layers and the "Walk Through Time".

Sarah Acton is the Jurassic Coast’s poet-in-residence, and has delivered numerous workshops and poetry walks across the Jurassic Coast, collaborating with many local museums and community organisations along the way.

Sarah has also written several blogs for the Jurassic Coast website, such as this one about Beaminster: The Town of Stone Giants.

To see Sarah’s latest projects and activities, visit her website.

sarah acton beaminster
Sarah Acton at Beaminster Museum.

Kieran Satchell is a graduate in science from Plymouth University, and has a passion for palaeontology.

Kieran has represented the Jurassic Coast Trust at numerous events, speaking to people of all ages about the incredible ancient worlds revealed across the Jurassic Coast’s 95 miles.

Visit Kieran’s website for his latest updates.

Kieran at JCT stand
Jurassic Coast Ambassador Kieran Satchell at Sidmouth Science Festival.