You Can Help Protect the Jurassic Coast by Leaving a Legacy Gift in Your Will

If you love and cherish the Outstanding Universal Value of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, you can now help the Jurassic Coast Trust protect and conserve it for generations to come.

Leaving a gift in your Will is a way of showing you care and want to help, and after showing you care for your family and friends, please consider helping the Jurassic Coast Trust by leaving a lasting gift in your will. It doesn’t have to be a large sum to make a difference.


How to Leave a Legacy

If you wish to leave a legacy to The Jurassic Coast Trust, you first have to decide the type of legacy you wish to leave. This can be a specific legacy, a pecuniary legacy or a residuary bequest.

It is helpful if bequests are made for the general charitable purposes of the charity, as this means your gift can be spent where it is most needed at the time it is received.

Types of Legacies

A residuary bequest is generally of the greatest benefit to our charity, as its value increases in line with inflation.


How to Leave a Legacy if You Already Have a Will

If you have already made your will, a bequest to our charity may be added to it by way of a Codicil.

We recommend that you speak with your firm of solicitors, or alternatively contact a branch of Porter Dodson Solicitors and Advisors and ask to see their Will specialist.