Would you like to play a part in making sure that the Jurassic Coast is looked after, loved and celebrated today and for future generations? If so, we really want to hear from you!If you’re interested in becoming a Jurassic Coast Trust volunteer please contact us. Volunteering opportunities will also be listed on our Events page. There are also ongoing volunteering opportunities through our partner organisations such as the Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre or the National Trust.If there’s nothing currently on in your area, have a look at our list of Museums, Visitor Centres and Attractions to contact your local organisation directly.


Latest Opportunities

Volunteer ammonite badge over-seer

Summary: The Jurassic Coast Trust has produced a popular range of pin badges bearing the iconic ammonite pattern in different colours to raise funds to support our work. We stock these in many locations along the Jurassic Coast, offering them for a £1 per badge donation. We need an exceptional volunteer to take on the mantle of this project, identifying badge distributors in various places along the coast, getting badges out to them in an organised fashion, and generally over-seeing the project.

More DetailsVolunteer Ammonite Badge Over-Seer Job Description

How to apply: Email Guy Kerr with your details (CV optional)

Set of ammonite badges