Prof Denys Brunsden

Prof Denys Brunsden Trustee

Professor Denys Brunsden OBE, DSc; FKC (Emeritus Professor, King’s College, London), is a geomorphologist specialising in landslides and coastal erosion.

Former President of the British Society of Geomorphology, Geographical Association and International Association of Geomorphologists. First Chairman of the Dorset Coast Forum. Proposed the Dorset and East Devon Coast for World Heritage Site and worked with Malcolm Turnbull and Richard Edmonds (amongst others) to achieve this and to write the scientific case. 2010 awarded the RH Worth Prize of the Geological Society for this work. Previously the William Smith and Glossop Medal awards from the Society.

International Consultant in Engineering Geomorphology including BP, Halcrow, Highpoint Rendel, Atkins and work in over 30 countries. Co-Founder Geomorphological Services Ltd.