ArcticDry Sportswear create durable, waterproof clothing for the great outdoors. Our connection to the Jurassic Coast has been solidified in recent years due to an expanding number of Fossil Hunters in Lyme Regis using our waterproof socks during their fossil hunting expeditions.

Our products are perfect for the rugged coastline of the Jurassic Coast, and we are currently collaborating with a number of sportspeople in the Dorset region to help them in their respective sports, such as Hiking, Climbing, Cycling, Running, Fossil Hunting, Fishing and much more!

ArcticDry Sportswear

Here at ArcticDry we create durable, waterproof clothing for the great outdoors, including Waterproof Socks, Waterproof Gloves & Waterproof Backpacks.

All of our equipment is made with the aim of exploration in mind; we create products allowing you to do the things you love without getting drenched in the process!

The great outdoors is our passion, and we’re currently working on a range of Down Jackets and Down Sleeping Bags for those who love camping and hiking around Dorset.

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ArcticDry Waterproof Socks

Our Waterproof Socks are specially made sports socks made with a waterproof membrane, made from three layers. They are both warm, yet lightweight and breathable enough to take with you anywhere you go, or wherever you explore.

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Lyme Regis Camping

ArcticDry Waterproof Hiking Socks  are used by many people into camping across Lyme Regis and Dorset.

There are many advantages to using this product while out camping. Firstly, the waterproof membrane allows you to explore tougher terrains and keep rain and muddy conditions at bay.

Secondly, being made from three distinct layers means your feet are nice and warm in the notoriously cold British winter weather!

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Sports & Activities

ArcticDry Waterproof Hiking Socks are used for many different sports, whether you’re using them to stay dry boating on your inflatable kayak or inflatable paddle board, whether you’re out hiking, golfing, motorcycle camping, fossil hunting around Lyme Regis, cycling, or simply going for a walk with your family.

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Testimonials from Fossil Hunters

“It’s a geologist’s dream to live and work in a place where the Earth’s history is being revealed daily. I am a fossil walk guide along the Jurassic Coast and wet socks were once a daily occurrence.

Now with ArcticDry waterproof socks my feet don’t get wet at all! I was bought these socks as a birthday present and now my feet are warm and dry when i wear my medium sized ArcticDry socks.

I can wear these socks all day, my feet don’t feel sweaty, and they are well cushioned. Another thing is when I take these socks off I get no sparks flying – as it were!! So I am out and about happily walking the beaches at Lyme Regis, Dorset.”

Brandon Lennon – Fossil Walk Guide



“I’ve been using Arctic Dry products for a little while now and they keep impressing me with the quality, the new products, the style of their clothing. They suit me perfectly.

I’ve been using it all whilst exploring along the Dorset coastline, from mountain biking, walking and even coasteering. Can’t get enough of the Dorset coastline, it has been close to my heart since I was born. And now knowing I have the proper gear, it makes weekend decisions that much easier!”

Frank Smith – Mountain Biker from Dorset

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Staying dry on the Jurassic Coast.