Baea (pronounced bay-a and referring to a natural bay) symbolizes the meeting of home and nature.

Baea creates contemporary bedding, textiles and objects derived from natural materials such as organic cotton, silk, merino and alpaca, in designs that are inspired by nature and made to last.

Each detail in our Collection reflects the variable shapes and patterns we find in the wild. A uniquely weathered stone, the eccentric array of seed heads on stalks of grass — these are our inspiration.

Respect for nature is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we choose organically grown cotton and biodegradable materials. And it’s the reason we partner with the most reputable makers, who prioritise the wellbeing of artisans while minimising their footprint.

Nature provides both inspiration and raw materials, so every year Baea like to give something back — contributing to the preservation of ecologically important sites or planet-focused causes. By partnering with organisations, donating a percentage of profits, or volunteering time, Baea aim to both offset part of their activities and learn more about how they can do better for the planet they call home.