Colin Bentley is a fine artist based in East Devon, working in collaboration with the Jurassic Coast Trust on a three-year art project. Colin is working alongside the Trust’s volunteer Ambassadors, Business Partners, local museums, schools and community groups across the project’s duration.

Colin writes a regular blog for the Jurassic Coast website, as well as posting regular updates on his Facebook page.

The first Jurassic Coast Art Exhibition took place in Sidmouth in October 2017, showcasing 35 landscape paintings and 8 portraits of Jurassic Coast Ambassadors. The artwork sold raised over £8,500 for the Jurassic Coast Trust.

Colin Bentley’s next exhibition will take place in the Tithe Barn at Symondsbury Estate near Bridport in October 2018. For this exhibition, Colin will turn his attention to the stretch of coast between Axmouth in East Devon and the Isle of Portland in Dorset. This area encompasses the Undercliffs Reserve, Lyme Regis and Charmouth, Golden Cap, West Bay, Chesil Beach and many more iconic Jurassic Coast landscapes.

Colin writes of the project:

“As an Artist I’ve known the Jurassic Coast for over 20 years but I’ve never explored its geology. In this three year project I hope to tell the story of this World Heritage Site by painting its stunning landscapes. To do this I’m going to gain an understanding of its geology, history and people.

When an Artist studies life drawing, they are encouraged to look at the anatomy of the human figure. As with drawing the human figure, painting this coastline without an understanding of its
geology would be difficult.

Without this understanding, a landscape is just a view. I don’t paint views. I paint landscapes, and landscapes are places full of history, drama, emotion and life.

Throughout this three year project I will be working closely with the Jurassic Coast Trust, exploring the coast with their volunteer Ambassadors, working with students at their partnered schools, and running art-related activities at their events.

Through this connection, I want my work to take on greater meaning, so the paintings are not just records of places, but of people as well. I will also be donating a percentage of each artwork sold to the Trust to help enable their fantastic work to continue.”