Neo Jurassica embarks on numerous fossil collection expeditions to the Jurassic Coast and believes the preservation of this coastline is vital to the discipline of British Palaeontology.

We have multiple ichthyosaur and plesiosaur skeletons in our collection from the locality, which we often loan to museums for public education. On our website you can find for sale casts and sometimes genuine fossils from the Jurassic Coast.

The Neo Jurassica team believes it is important to encourage the collection of fossils and we encourage fossil hunting by amateurs and professionals along the Jurassic Coast who follow the local fossil collecting codes of conduct.

We believe that the Jurassic Coast is an irreplaceable site that must be preserved for future British palaeontologists and geologists. From the humble beginnings of Mary Anning to current paradigm shifting research, the Jurassic Coast has been of significant importance to understanding prehistoric Britain.

The Neo Jurassica team believes this is a locality that is in vital need of conservation to ensure that the fossils found here continue to impact our scientific understanding of the natural world for future generations. There is no landscape in this country that can rival the beauty of the Jurassic Coast.