The sweeping beauty of Worbarrow Bay is outmatched by the awesome sweep of time caught in its geology.

From the hard Portland limestone on its most seaward edges to the dazzling chalk at its back, the rocks here encompass 80 million years of time and speak of long vanished swamps, forgotten rivers and ancient seas… beauty indeed for the mind’s-eye.

How to Get There

Worbarrow Bay is certainly ‘off the beaten track’! The Bay and neighbouring Tyneham are part of the MOD Lulworth Firing Ranges, so access is restricted to most weekends and school holidays. Please check the latest firing information before heading out.

The nearest town to Worbarrow Bay by road is Wareham in Purbeck. From here, head south by following signs to Kimmeridge.

At a sharp bend in the road, head through the gate and down the hill towards Tyneham and the Bay. Worbarrow Bay can also be accessed via the Lulworth area by following signs for Tyneham.

If walking the coast path, Worbarrow Bay is snugly nestled between the Purbeck landmarks of Lulworth Cove and Kimmeridge Bay.

Worbarrow Bay by Tanya Hart via Flickr
Worbarrow Bay as seen from the coast path. © Tanya Hart via Flickr

Car Parking and Facilities

There is a car park at Tyneham, the abandoned village that abuts Worbarrow Bay. There is an ‘honesty box’ here with a charge of £2 for all-day parking.

From the car park, it is a one-mile/20 minute walk to the beach at Worbarrow Bay via a narrow lane.

Please note there are no facilities or toilets of any kind at Worbarrow Bay. The beach can only be accessed via footpath, and there is a compacted gravel lane leading to a sea viewpoint.

Tyneham village on Dorset coast
Walking path from Tyneham to Worbarrow Bay, adjacent to the parking area. © West Dorset Leisure Holidays

Beach Information and Dogs

Worbarrow Bay is a shingle beach. Sturdy footwear is needed for the walk to and whilst on the beach.

Dogs are allowed at Worbarrow Bay and Tyneham all year round.

Worbarrow Bay approach from coast path - Chris Wild
The approach to Worbarrow Bay from coast the path. © Chris Wild via Flickr

Where to Stay

We recommend booking a cottage in the area with one of our fabulous Business Partners such as Dorset Holiday Cottages.

For a full list of options, visit our Accommodation page. Filter for ‘Purbeck’ if looking for places within easy reach of Worbarrow Bay.

Worbarrow Bay - Dave Hampton
Worbarrow Bay as seen from Tyneham. © Dave Hampton via Flickr

Need to Know: Tyneham


Worbarrow Bay is adjoined by the ‘ghost village’ of Tyneham. The village and its surrounding countryside were requisitioned by the British War Office just before Christmas 1943.


Walking through the village today provides a fascinating glimpse into the WWII era. Tyneham’s church and school house have been preserved as museums, and neighbouring Tyneham Farm is also open to the public.

Tyneham village in Purbeck.