Highlight: Pliosaur

The Weymouth Bay Pliosaur fossil at Dorset County Museum
The Weymouth Bay Pliosaur fossil at Dorset County Museum

Weymouth Bay Pliosaur Skull Fossil

One of the most extraordinary fossils ever found on the Jurassic Coast can be found on display on the first floor of the Dorset County Museum in Dorchester. It is the skull of a Pliosaur – mega-predator of the Jurassic sea. At nearly 2.5m long this fossil pliosaur skull is one of the largest in the world, and is certainly one of the best preserved. It belonged to an animal that may have been 16m long, with four powerful flippers, living at the very top of the marine food chain around 155 million years ago.

This particular fossil, as well as being globally significant is also scientifically very interesting indeed. It has already helped to redefine how we identify pliosaurus fossils and revealed how the jaws and bite of these animals worked. As studies of this superb specimen continue we await fresh revelations about how these ferocious sea monsters lived.

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