The success of the Jurassic Coast Collection project relies, at its core, upon the support and cooperation of a large network of local and international fossil collectors.

We are engaging with individuals to produce an inventory of important fossils found along the entire length of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, that will complement a similar review of fossils held in local and national museums, and many of which are the product of decades of local collector efforts.

This work will act as an evidence base to identify the role of palaeontology in demonstrating the Outstanding Universal Value of the World Heritage Site. The Jurassic Coast Collection will support the acquisition of priority specimens, ambitious display of local fossils, and development of existing and future facilities to encourage research, access to and engagement with palaeontology on the World Heritage Site.


Download the framework for collector engagement with the Jurassic Coast Collection


Read on to discover the extraordinary stories and specimens of the fossil collectors involved with the Jurassic Coast Collection. We’ll be adding more collectors to this page as the Jurassic Coast Collection progresses.