Expressions of Interest

We are seeking to recruit passionate individuals with the skills, experience and drive to volunteer as part of a key working group that will help us to protect the palaeontological heritage of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site through our Jurassic Coast Collection programme. Partnership working is essential in all the work of the Jurassic Coast Trust and therefore the Jurassic Coast Collection Working group will be a positive forum for close collaboration based on mutual respect.

Successful candidates will represent the collected views of key organisations and stakeholders relevant to the palaeontology of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site as it pertains to the Jurassic Coast Collection.

The focus of the working group will be to steer and help develop work to deliver against the following objectives:

• to oversee and advise on the development of a digital ‘museum’, using the Jurassic Coast Collection’s online database, in order to promote wider understanding of this work and underpin our responsibility to share the benefits of World Heritage with as broad a range of audiences as possible;

• to advise on the needs and opportunities for curatorial support to local museums who have expressed a desire for collaboration or assistance. This will include supporting rationalisation, curation, growth and interpretation of collections;

• to review, if requested, any future support the JCT may provide museums for the acquisition of important fossils from the World Heritage Site as they become available;

• to collaborate in the drafting of a feasibility study for a centre dedicated to the World Heritage Site and its exceptional fossil record. This will include, but is not limited to, a critical assessment of the need and business case for a new development as well as its sustainability, public impact and the role it could play in celebrating World Heritage Site status, acquiring and displaying fossils, and supporting existing museums;

• to review the findings of the feasibility study with JCC stakeholders & PAC in order to develop and submit recommendations on next steps to JCT Board;

• to support delivery of the feasibility study recommendations;

• to advocate for new and innovative research on important fossils from the Jurassic Coast in order to develop communal understanding of the Site’s palaeontological significance;

• to help identify key resources that support delivery of the Jurassic Coast Collection.


The Jurassic Coast Trust recognises the positive value of diversity and promotes equality and inclusion. We welcome and encourage applications from people of all backgrounds. If you require any information in a different format or any reasonable adjustments made to the process to enable you to apply please let us know.

Please note that expressions of interest are now closed. We will update this page with more information on the Working Group in due course.


Working Group details:

The Jurassic Coast Collection Working Group will form an advisory body to the Jurassic Coast Trust and Partnership Advisory Committee. It will meet four times a year.

Roles that we are (publicly) recruiting for:
• A representative from the fossil collecting community
• Up to two representatives from the academic/research community
• A representative from an appropriate organisation to bring expertise regarding equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI)
• A representative to provide additional strategic or general expertise required by the Charity

Roles that we are recruiting for from specific organisations/institutions:
• A representative from Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre to bring expertise regarding the fossil collecting codes of conduct
• A representative from the Natural History Museum or alternative national museum/organisation

Roles that will be recruited from the Partnership Advisory Committee and the Board:
• A nominated Trustee to reflect an understanding of the WHS, it’s management and conservation
• The representatives from the fossil collecting community
• A staff member to bring expertise from museums

**The Chair will be appointed separately by the Charity; the Vice-Chair will be elected by the JCCWG and the Charity.