The Jurassic Coast Collection reveals truly mindblowing stories about the history of our planet through the incredible specimens collected here on the Jurassic Coast. We are pleased to share these stories with you as they come to light.



Fossil Preparation on Show

Chris Reedman talks through his work preparing an ichthyosaur fossil at Dorset Museum’s Conservation Studio, detailing the age-old techniques used to conserve these treasures from the Jurassic.

Chris Reedman fossil prep - 1500px
Chris Reedman preparing a fossil at Dorset Museum. © David Gulden

Traces of the Triassic

Discover Rob Coram’s incredible, and incredibly fragile, fossil discoveries from East Devon’s Otter Sandstone.

Feralisaurus corami triassic reptile rob coram
A new species of diapsid reptile, due to be published this year. This fossil has been named after Rob Coram in honour of his discovery - Feralisaurus corami.

Treasures from the Jurassic Seas

Dive in and explore the amazing fossils from this epic period of history – the real Jurassic World.

Lizzie Hingley - ammonite spiked
A large Apoderoceras ammonite from Charmouth, collected and prepared by Lizzie Hingley

All About Ammonites

Take a deeper dive into these iconic symbols of the Jurassic Coast, whose range and diversity both here and worldwide is truly mind-boggling.

Xipheroceras ammonite lo-res IMG_1477
The spiralled internal whorls of a Xipheroceras ammonite. The ammonites around Charmouth are famed for the exceptional range of colours they exhibit.

Brittlestars – Nature’s Great Survivors

Brittlestars are one of nature’s great survivors and still exist today, including in some UK rock pools.

Their fossils are preserved in exquisite detail thanks to the unique conditions that protected them from being broken apart or scavenged on the seafloor.

Brittle stars (echinoderms)
Brittle stars from Bridport Museum

Insect Fossils from the Jurassic

A fascinating look into this little-known slice of the fossil record, collected around Lyme Regis in Dorset and included in the Jurassic Coast Collection.