You’ve all heard of T-rexTriceratops and even Dippy the Diplodocus. They are great and all but you know what? None of them are from the UK! That’s right, even Dippy is an American Dinosaur, all three of them are! In fact, movies and TV shows love to show off the big and famous dinosaurs from around the world, from T-rex in America to Velociraptor from China.

So far, there has been no evidence of either of these dinosaurs being discovered here on the Jurassic Coast. However, we certainly do have proof that a large carnivorous dinosaur once roamed here: Duriavenator.


Top 3 Fascinating facts 

Duriavenator fossil - Fossil Finder

Duriavenator right upper jaw with teeth. These fearsome teeth were used to slash prey, such as other dinosaurs and reptiles. Dorset County Musuem


A Surprising Fact 

Duriavenator is part of a group of dinosaurs called theropods which were famously bi-pedal (walked on two legs) carnivores. Theropods are special for having hollow bones, three toes on their feet and most famously, hunted other dinosaurs and animals (although some theropods eventually started to eat plants too).

Duriavenator, just like the T-rex, was a theropod which specialised in hunting other dinosaurs, the main difference being that the T-rex was much larger and didn’t appear until millions of years after Duriavenator!