In April 2021, a major landslide took place to the east of Seatown, in West Dorset on the Jurassic Coast. The landslide was caused by a naturally occurring geomorphological event known as a rotational slump.


The spectacular drone video footage and photos shown here, courtesy of James Loveridge and accompanied by expert commentary from our Head of Conservation & Heritage Sam Scriven, show the huge scale of this landslide. The movement of the land is not yet complete, and more cliff falls can be expected to occur in the area.


seatown landslide

Landslide near Seatown in Dorset, April 2021. © James Loveridge


The landslide has affected part of the South West Coast Path, which has been slightly rerouted as shown below. The Dorset Council Countryside Ranger Service worked closely with the landowner, the National Trust, to cordon off the unstable area of the cliff top and reroute the coast path. They are continuing to monitor this dramatic natural event as it continues to evolve.

Landslide Coast Path Rerouting

The landslide has caused the South West Coast Path to be slightly rerouted as shown here. © James Loveridge


If you are walking this section of the path, we urge you to take caution and avoid going anywhere near the edge of the cliff. We also advise avoiding the area of the beach on which the landslide debris has fallen.

The best way to appreciate this awesome natural event is by admiring the photos on this page!

DJI_0176 - for website
Landslide near Seatown in Dorset, April 2021. © James Loveridge
DJI_0194 - for website
Seatown landslide looking west. © James Loveridge

See James’ website for more brilliant photos of the Jurassic Coast and other iconic Dorset locations.

lulworth cove
Summer at Lulworth Cove. © James Loveridge.