With children off school at the moment, we have prepared these home learning activities and resources to help you keep their education going. Our resources have been created by the science communicators in our team, along with our brilliant volunteer Ambassadors. We will be adding new resources to this page regularly whilst the present situation continues. We have also added links to brilliant fact sheets from the Geological Society.

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Make Your Own Fantasy Jurassic Park

Why not try and create your own fantasy Jurassic Park using toy dinosaurs (or other animals!) and items from around the home.

Set up the scene in your garden, patio or around the house, take a photo, and email it to us! All photos received will get a free fossil shark tooth.

Be inspired by some of the brilliantly creative submissions we’ve had from families so far.

Top left: Beatrice Blant

Top right: Owen Waters

Bottom left: Parker Lucas, age 3

Bottom right: Danny Elson

Test your knowledge with a Jurassic Coast Quiz!

Try our range of quizzes, with levels of difficult from beginner to expert, and something for all ages!

Whether you’re a World Heritage buff or a Jurassic Park know-it-all, there’s something here for you.

Durdle Door, Swyre Head, Bat
Durdle Door as seen from the sea. © Steve Belasco - stevebelasco.net

Other Downloadable Children’s Activities

Downloadable Learning Worksheets that can be studied at home:

Introduction to Fossils aimed at Year 3

Fossil Finding Mission aimed at Years 5 and 6

How Sedimentary Rocks are Formed aimed at Years 2, 3, 4

Exploring Your Local Rocks Like a Geologist aimed at Years 3, 4 and 5

Making Chalk Paint – all ages

Fossils and Folklore – Years 3 – 6



Diversity of Ammonites on the Jurassic Coast – Key Stage 2

Geological Society Factsheet – What Exactly is a Dinosaur? Key Stage 2

Geological Society Factsheet – Rock Cycle, how are rocks formed and what can they tell us? Key Stage 2

Geological Society Factsheet – Fossils, what are they and how do they form? Key Stage 2

Geological Society Factsheet – Mary Anning, why was she so important? Key Stage 2

Geological Society Factsheet – William Smith, why was he known as the father of English geology? Key Stage 2

Geological Society Factsheet – Volcanoes, how are they formed? Key stage 2

Geological Society Factsheet – Energy Resources and the difference between renewable and non renewable- Key Stage 2

Geological Society Factsheet – UK Geoheritage and geological time chart – Key Stage 2


Arts and crafts

Make a Rhynchosaur Mask (Triassic Theme)

Cut Out Ichthyosaur and Ammonite (Jurassic Theme)

Ammonite Pop Art (Fossil Theme)

Make a Fossil Dig (Fossil Theme)

Odd Socks Ammonites (Fossil Theme)

Shadow Dinosaur Puppet Theatre (Jurassic Theme)

Chalk Dinosaur Shadows (Chalk Theme)

Lego Pirate at Old Harry Rocks (Chalk Theme)

Make Your Own Chocolate Rocks (Geology Theme)

How to Tie a Reef Knot (Famous Five Theme)

Treasure Map with Invisible Ink (Famous Five Theme)

Make 1950s Style Lemonade (Famous Five Theme)

Make your own Kirrin Island (Famous Five Theme)

Make Your Own Dinosaur Eggs

Dinosaur Ice Eggs

Make Dinosaur Footprints



Jurassic Coast Crossword

Paleoart Ancient Jurassic Sea Scene Word Search (Jurassic Theme)

Triassic Life and Landform Wordsearch (Triassic Theme)

Find Rocky the Dog at Ladram Bay Maze (Triassic Theme)


Colouring-in sheets

Jurassic Coast Beach Scene Colouring In

Baby Dinosaur Colouring In – pre school and Reception

Coccolith Colouring In (Chalk Theme)

Ammonite Colouring In (Fossil Theme)