With children off school at the moment, we have prepared these home learning activities and resources to help you keep their education going. Our resources have been created by the science communicators in our team, along with our brilliant volunteer Ambassadors. We will be adding new resources to this page regularly whilst the present situation continues.

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Make Your Own Fantasy Jurassic Park

Why not try and create your own fantasy Jurassic Park using toy dinosaurs (or other animals!) and items from around the home.

Set up the scene in your garden, patio or around the house, take a photo, and email it to us! All photos received will get a free fossil shark tooth.

Be inspired by some of the brilliantly creative submissions we’ve had from families so far.

Top left: Beatrice Blant

Top right: Owen Waters

Bottom left: Parker Lucas, age 3

Bottom right: Danny Elson

Make Your Own Treasure Map!

Although they are now seen as old fashioned, Enid Blyton’s ‘Famous Five’ books were very popular, and several generations of children grew up reading their adventures. They followed the adventures of Julian, Dick and Anne, who went to stay with their cousin Georgina and her dog Timmy at Kirrin Cottage in Dorset.

Now we want you, using the Famous Five, to delve into a world of smugglers and buried treasure! In ‘Five on a Treasure Island’, Julian finds an old map of Kirrin Castle, and realises it is a treasure map showing the location of lost gold! After making a tracing of the map and returning it, the Five decide to find the gold themselves.

For this activity, bury some treasure in your garden or hide it in your house and get family members to find it using clues or an invisible ink map!

Download our guide to making the best invisible ink and revealer. As it is hard under Lockdown to get out to buy ingredients, you can try substitutes. We found vodka worked as well as rubbing alcohol, and we think yellow curry powder would substitute for turmeric. Just don’t eat or drink either!

Why not send us a photo of your treasure map? All submissions will receive a genuine fossil shark’s tooth in the post!

Make Your Own Treasure Map

Make a Dinosaur Ice Egg

We came up with this activity for Easter, but it’s so much fun you can do it all year round!

It might be a good idea for adults or older children, so the younger ones can have the surprise of finding what is inside. If you don’t have dinosaurs handy you could use any plastic toy or just some wrapped chocolate or sweets.

Download our instructions and give it a go. Our top tip is to choose the easiest thing to get into a balloon…the fewer spines the better!

We’d love you to send us a photo of either your frozen egg, or your faces as you try and get the toy in the balloon! All photos submitted will receive a personalised postcard and shark’s tooth fossil in the post.

Dino ice egg in primroses - Copy

Test your knowledge with a Jurassic Coast Quiz!

Try our range of quizzes, with levels of difficult from beginner to expert, and something for all ages!

Whether you’re a World Heritage buff or a Jurassic Park know-it-all, there’s something here for you.

Durdle Door, Swyre Head, Bat
Durdle Door as seen from the sea. Photo by Steve Belasco - jurassicphotographic.com