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BJC logoThe first port of call for teachers using the Jurassic Coast as a topic would be to download the Teacher’s Guide and Resource Pack developed by the Primary Science Teaching Trust in conjunction with ourselves, the Jurassic Coast Trust.

The Big Jurassic Classroom resources support the teaching of rocks, fossils and evolution, bringing the wonder of the Jurassic Coast to your classroom.

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Worksheets & Activities

In addition to the work of the PSTT, we have further resources available for download on the theme of the Jurassic Coast. These include worksheets and additional activities to complement more formal learning. Our resources have been created by the science communicators in our team, along with our brilliant volunteer Ambassadors.

We have also added links to brilliant fact sheets from the Geological Society, and links to resources available from other organisations that cover the Jurassic Coast.


ammonite diversityAmmonite Diversity on the Jurassic Coast – Key Stage 2

Parkinsonia (pictured here) is perhaps the classic ammonite that you think of when imagining an ammonite from the Jurassic Coast. However, there are many different types of ammonite; to give you an idea of the variety, we have picked some of our favourites from across the Jurassic Coast.


ammonite pop artAmmonite Pop Art – all ages

One of the most common fossils you can find on the beaches around Lyme Regis are ammonites. Here you can colour them as brightly as possible, each one different, just like the artist Andy Warhol did.


rhynchosaur maskMake a Rhynchosaur Mask (Triassic Theme) – all ages

Rhynchosaurs were reptiles in the Triassic period, about the size of sheep. If you would like to see a photo of a fossil of one found in Sidmouth have a look at this specimen from our Fossil Finder database.


jurassic coast crosswordJurassic Coast Crossword – Key Stage 2

Our Jurassic Coast Crossword is aimed at Year 5 and older, needs to be printed out, and will take some Google action – all the information you need can be found on our website.


cut out ichthyosaurIchthyosaur and Ammonite cut out – Key Stage 2

Over the course of her life Mary Anning made many incredible discoveries, and she is now remembered as one of the greatest fossil hunters to have ever lived. When she was just 12, Mary and her brother Joseph discovered the skull of an ancient reptile called an ichthyosaur (meaning ‘fish lizard’). In this activity you can make your own model of an ichthyosaur, which uses the ammonite it is chasing to keep it upright.


duria antiquior - snippetJurassic Seas Word Search – Key Stage 2

We have created a word search based on the amazing painting Duria Antiquior, the earliest known Paleo Art, created by geologist Henry de la Beche in 1830.


beach scene colouring inJurassic Coast Beach Scene Colouring In – Key Stage 1

Colour in some of your favourite Jurassic Coast creatures on the beach, with a few modern additions!


dinosaur footprintsMake Dinosaur Footprints – all ages

On the Jurassic Coast we have dinosaur footprints preserved in rocks at Keates Quarry on the Isle of Purbeck. You can have a go at making your own version. If you don’t have dinosaurs you can use anything that will make an interesting shape in the Playdough.


chocolate rocksJurassic Coast Chocolate Rock Cycle – Key Stage 2

This is the best activity ever to find out more about how rocks are formed because it involves CHOCOLATE!  We adapted an idea from The Geological Society to teach you more about how the rocks you find on the Jurassic Coast were formed.


triassic wordsearchTriassic Life and Landform Wordsearch – Key Stage 2

Have a go at finding some very tricky Triassic words in this Word Search. Bear in mind that Triassic reptiles had long names that are hard to spell!


coccolith colouring inCoccolith Colouring In (Chalk Theme) – all ages

The Jurassic Coast’s chalk cliffs are made out of the remains of plankton and other tiny animals, known as micro fossils which can only be seen under a microscope. In chalk, these microscopic remains are known as coccoliths. If you’d like to offer pupils some quiet colouring-in time, here is a design inspired by these coccoliths.


Other Links

The aim of this new website Geography South West is to promote geography & geographical education in the South West of England & beyond. Geography southwest is a collaborative project driven by a group of enthusiastic geographers who have volunteered their time to create a wide-ranging & dynamic resource to support the wider geographical community. The site is free at the point of access with no subscription charges. 



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teachers resources liz dippy
Liz Watkinson delivering an educational session for children at Dippy on Tour in Dorchester. © Jerry Fenner.

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