The Jurassic Coast Trust is currently creating a new Partnership Plan in collaboration with a wide variety of stakeholders. This important document is a tangible expression of the Partnership that looks after the Jurassic Coast. It explains the reasons for the Jurassic Coast’s World Heritage designation and how it is protected and managed. It also outlines the aims, policies, actions and aspirations for managing the Site over the coming years.

The new Partnership Plan will guide management of the World Heritage Site over the next five years. The Partnership Plan is a formal requirement and will replace the current Site Management Plan, which is available online here.

Second draft complete

The Second draft of the Partnership Plan has been prepared based on the outcomes of last year’s public consultation. A Strategic Environmental Assessment, Habitats Regulations Assessment and Equalities Impact Assessment have been carried out on this latest draft and are availabe to view at the links below. The third and final draft of the plan is already underway and we hope ot have it finished by the end of April.

Public Consultation Complete

An Outcomes Report from the public consultation has been prepared and is available to download at the link below. It details the changes that would be made in response to people’s suggestions and concerns.

Partnership Plan Consultation Outcomes Report

Once an amended version of the Plan is agreed by the Jurassic Coast Partnership and approved by Historic England, it will be adopted by Dorset Council and Devon County Council before being formally submitted to DCMS and UNESCO.

The links below refer to the original draft of the 2020-25 Partnership Plan that was used in the public consultation.