The role of Interpretation along the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site

Since being designated a World Heritage Site (WHS) by The United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in 2001, the Jurassic Coast has increasingly become a source of pride and opportunity for local communities and visitors.

This positive relationship between people and place relies on the effective communication of the Site’s unique heritage and global value.

Interpretation is at the heart of the Jurassic Coast Trust’s Vision that, “Everyone loves, understands and values the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site.”

Jurassic Twister
"Jurassic Twister" at the Jurassic Coast Trust's Dinosaur Sleepover, Dorset County Museum. © Eddy Pearce

Interpretation provides vital tools to help communicate the Site’s stories, and realise the full social, economic and natural heritage potential of the Jurassic Coast. Interpretation projects are delivered along the length of the World Heritage Site through strong partnership and collaborative relationships.

The Jurassic Coast Trust’s Storybook is intended to facilitate that process, offering guidance on Jurassic Coast heritage stories and themes, and providing a starting point for interpretation planning.

This is offered as a free downloadable resource for anyone interested in developing interpretation along the Jurassic Coast, thanks to funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

storybook front cover

The Jurassic Coast Interpretation Toolkit complements the Storybook, and is a practical guide designed to help organisations and individuals plan their interpretation projects.

It provides guidance on planning, developing and delivering a range of interpretation relating to the Jurassic Coast, and is intended to help visitors enjoy and understand more from their experience.

toolkit front cover

The Jurassic Journey: A Learning Framework for the Jurassic Coast

This document practically sets out how organisations can deliver tailored learning content to various audience groups.

Learning is not just about schools, or children; it is about offering opportunities for everyone to develop their understanding of heritage in an active way.

The Jurassic Journey is designed to be used alongside the Jurassic Coast Storybook, which has more detailed content on interpreting the seven themes of the Jurassic Coast.

learning framework cover