Jurassic Spring

Telephone: 07887 712 472

E-mail: james@jurassicspring.co.uk

Website: www.jurassicspring.co.uk

Jurassic Spring

Rain falling over Jurassic Coast countryside filters through layers of ancient rock, eventually issuing from springs near the coast and even under the sea itself. We harvest some of this water to make Jurassic Spring.

Our water has a naturally gentle taste that perfectly evokes the feeling of contentment that spending time on Devon and Dorset’s coast creates.

Nothing beats chilled Jurassic Spring water poured directly from glass bottle to glassware, which is why we only sell our water in glass. We bottle in 330 ml and 750 ml sizes, with still water and lightly sparkling varieties.

Jurassic Spring was founded by James Farquharson, who grew up and lives in Weymouth, Dorset, the heart of the Jurassic Coast.