dippy audio trail

The Jurassic Coast Trust’s Sam Scriven. Photo credit: Martin Curtis.

When you come to see Dippy at Dorset County Museum, you will be able to explore a special exhibition about the extraordinary natural heritage of our area, accompanied by our Dippy Audio Trail. To help you get the most out of your visit we have selected 13 star objects to be featured.

Join Sam Scriven from the Jurassic Coast Trust as he delves into the hidden stories of these specimens, offering his own insights into rocks, fossils and our connections with nature.

How to use the Dippy Audio Trail

Download the tracks below onto your mobile device, ready for when you visit Dippy, or stream them live in the gallery. The special exhibition starts on the balcony, once you enter to see Dippy. Look out for the ‘Star Object’ labels. Please be considerate to other visitors and use headphones when listening!


dippy audio trail

Star Object 1 – Dragonfly Wing

Fossilisation is one of the miracles of the nature, allowing us to glimpse past life, from giants like Diplodocus to the tiny delicate remains of a dragonfly.

Star Object #1 – Dragonfly Wing


Star Object 2 – Duria Antiquior

Dorset is world famous for fossils, and it was here, nearly 200 years ago, that scientists first took an imaginative leap into the prehistoric past.

Star Object #2 – Duria Antiquior


dippy audio trail

Star Object 3 – Coprolite

What did Jurassic predators eat? Only one way to find out…

Star Object #3 – Coprolite


dippy audio trail

Star Object 4 – fossil fish

Not all fossils are equal. Some, like this fish from the early Cretaceous period, have an international role to play on behalf of science.

Star Object #4 – Fossil Fish


Star Object 5 – Crinoid necklace

What defines our relationship with fossils? To answer that riddle we need a specimen with no scientific value whatsoever.

Star Object #5 – Crinoid Necklace


dippy audio trailStar Object 6 – The Notebook

Everyone needs a place to take notes, including Mary Anning, one of the greatest fossil collectors who ever lived.

Star Object #6 – The Notebook


Star Object 7 – Darwin’s Big Idea

The theory of evolution by natural selection revolutionised our view of the natural world. The seed of that revolution was planted by geology.

Star Object #7 – Darwin’s Big Idea


Star Object 8 – For the Love of Nature

Nature is out there… but also in here. Whilst conservation helps protect our spectacular natural environment, museums help to store up its wonders for generations to come.

Star Object #8 – For the Love of Nature


Star Object 9 – Ammonite

From placing rocks in the right order to recovering from a mass extinction… is there anything ammonites can’t do?

Star Object #9 – Ammonite

Star Object 10 – World Heritage Certificate

Nature is everyone’s collective heritage. On the global stage it can be a powerful tool to promote peace.

Star Object #10 – World Heritage Certificate


Star Object 11 – Rock Sample

Fossils are fascinating, but rocks have their own secrets to tell.

Star Object #11 – Rock Sample

Star Object 12 – Grass of Parnassus

A victim of local extinction can teach us a lot about the nature of change and our power to change nature.

Star Object #12 – Grass of Parnassus


Star Object 13 – The Star of the Show – Dippy

Dippy is an iconic ambassador for the natural world. His mission has always been to inspire people to get out and explore nature, and the Jurassic Coast is one of the best places anywhere to do just that.

Star Object #13 – The Star of the Show – Dippy