Bivalve oyster shell

Good enough to eat?

These oysters are similar to the common Gryphaea oysters, but with a much flatter shell. They can grow in great profusion and litter the beaches below Sandsfoot Castle when storms have scoured away the sand along the Portland Harbour Shore. You can tell they are oysters by the finely layered shell. These are so clean and so well preserved it’s almost possible to imagine slurping up the soft parts in an expensive restaurant!

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Common name

Bivalve oyster shell

Scientific name

Deltoideum delta


Molluscs > Bivalves


Corallian Group, Sandsfoot Grit

Time period

Upper Jurassic


165 million years

Where found

Sandsfoot, Portland Harbour Shore

Found by

Richard Edmonds


Allhallows Museum, Honiton

Accession number