Insect, bug

A true bug

Bugs’ in the insect world include shield bugs, froghoppers, cicadas and aphids. Like all the other insects, the fossils tell us that they have been around for a very long time, little changed. They have sucking mouth parts which allow them to inject plants and animals in order to feed. Assassin bugs and lantern flies from tropical jungles are perhaps the most spectacular, but shield bugs and froghoppers are very common in the UK. This is the nymph – or juvenile – of a bug called Nepidium. Size: 4.4mm.


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Common name

Insect, bug

Scientific name



Arthropods > Insects


Purbeck Beds, Lower

Time period

Lower Cretaceous


140 million years

Where found

Bincombe Hill road cutting

Found by

Rob Coram


Dorset County Museum, Dorchester

Accession number