Highlight: Ladram Bay

ladram bay
Triassic Otter Sandstone, Ladram Bay © jurassicphotographic.com

Postcards, leaflets and guidebooks about East Devon are loaded with pictures of Ladram Bay. The unusual columns of sandstone squatting in the sea here, red and rugged, are an attraction in themselves. These ‘stacks’ as they are properly known, are all that is left of natural rock arches that were once joined to the cliff face.

The arches have since collapsed, leaving only the stacks behind. The inescapable power of the waves is constantly eroding the coast, stripping away rock and causing cliff falls. We might be inclined to feel sad about this but really, change is good. The change from cliffs to arches to stacks has given us Ladram Bay. Perhaps in the future something even more spectacular will emerge, crafted in red sandstone by the energy and creativity of the endless tides.

How to Get There

Ladram Bay can be accessed from the B3178 road to Budleigh Salterton. A bus service goes to the nearby village of Otterton, and its timetable can be seen here.


Where to Stay

Ladram Bay Holiday Park is the obvious choice for exploring the bay. Guests at the park have superb access to the bay’s beach, and its famous red stacks.


ladram bay
Kayakers at Ladram Bay © jurassicphotographic.com


ladram bay
Kayakers by Ladram Bay stacks © jurassicphotographic.com


ladram bay walkers
Walkers above Ladram Bay © jurassicphotographic.com


Things to Do


Ladram Bay makes a superb start point for a Jurassic Coast day walk. To the east is Sidmouth, accessed via the spectacular views atop Peak Hill. To the west lies the gorgeous Otterton Point and the charming seaside town of Budleigh Salterton, both easily accessible on a day’s walk.


Boat Trips

Exmouth-based Stuart Line Cruises offer superb views of the bay’s stacks aboard their vessels. Their boats will often venture right up close to the stacks, so you can see where the ancient rivers of the Triassic once coursed through these mighty rocks.


Car Parking & Facilities

Pay and display parking is available at the holiday park. Please check their website for more details.