Author: Nathan Akrill

Elements of the Jurassic Coast interactive CD (still on sale at Visitor Centres along the coast) have now been compressed into a unique iPhone Jurassic Coast app, free to download from the app store.

Jurassic Coast app

So now you can ‘Take a Walk Through Time’ from the palm of your hand…imagine having 185 million years of Earth history to scroll through via a hand-held screen. The content is a slimmed down version of the full interactive CD and allows you to whiz along the entire length of the Jurassic Coast by viewing a continuous linear image photographed from the sea, looking back at the coastline. Interpretation is provided at key points as you pan along the site, together with additional features including an animation of how the rocks were laid down, tilted and eroded, resulting in the present day coastline.

The App was produced with financial assistance from the South West Regional Development Agency, as a part of their investment in the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, and was developed on our behalf by Aviation Partners.

This free App can be downloaded from the app store and used on an iPhone or iPod touch.

Julia Pulman, Jurassic Coast Marketing & Communications Officer.

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