Author: Penny Jones

Every day during the first 12 days of December, Jurassic Coast staff will share their favourite Christmas gift ideas from our online shop.

From books and maps to Pterosaur kites to surfing dinosaur T-shirts, our shop has a gift for every Jurassic Coast fan. Proceeds from all items sold help the Trust in its work to protect, conserve and educate people about the Jurassic Coast.

Surfing a fossilised tree wearing Dino Surfer T-shirt in Denim

Today Penny holds court on OCEANROCKS T-shirts.

“I’m a big fan of OCEANROCKS – both the people and the T-shirts. OCEANROCKS is a T-shirt company based on the Jurassic Coast and one of our friendliest and most supportive Business Partners.  Not only do their T-shirts look and feel great – so soft and warm – they are made from organic cotton, eco-friendly and ethically produced.  I’m not sure you could ask much more from a T-shirt.

My favourite design is the surfing dinosaur.  We stock the kids’ version in navy (denim), coral and bright blue. I’ve bought one of each for my nephews and niece who love fossil hunting on the Jurassic Coast. Incidentally they are all fully-paid up members of the Jurassic Coast Trust.

My New Year wish is that they start producing the navy surfing dinosaur T-shirt for women (hint, hint).

Don’t forget to remove the label!


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