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Erica is one of our Go Jurassic! Rangers, our club for young fans of the Jurassic Coast. Our Rangers receive discounted rates for all Jurassic Coast events. Below is Erica’s account of our boat trip from Poole to Dancing Ledge with City Cruises:

GoJurassic! Ranger Erica

On Thursday evening I went for a boat trip along the Jurassic Coast. We saw from Poole Harbour to Dancing Ledge. We passed by Old Harry’s Rock, the Ballard Fault, Tilly Whim Caves and (this is not anything to do with the Jurassic Coast) a Brittany Ferry!

Old Harry’s Rock is made of chalk that is made of plankton the fish. The sea eroded away the chalk over time and Old Harry ended up being a stump of rock surrounded by sea.Old Harry Rocks Sunset Cruise
The Ballard Fault was created when millions of years ago our cliff collided with Africa and pushed up the chalk.FullSizeRender
The Tilly Whim Caves are underground quarries where people used to mine stone. Nobody does it any more and it would probably be illegal any way.

The cliff with the Pines Hotel on and Swanage are not part of the Jurassic Coast. This is why the Pines Hotel could build a sea defence to protect the cliff. You are not allowed to build sea defences on the Jurassic Coast because people want to discover more about it.

Jurassic Coast Cruise Guides

Jurassic Coast Cruise Guides – Anjana Ford and Simon Penn

The cruise was AMAZING!

Erica Wettern, Go Jurassic! Ranger, Aged 8.
Typed by her Mother Sue!


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